Mobile Number: 416.876.1500
Office Extension: 115
Education: Ph.D. Pharmacology, University of Toronto M.Sc. Pharmacology, University of Toronto B.Sc. Chemistry, University of Toronto
Professional Designation: PH.d
Years of Experience: 25
Number of Claims: 60

Joseph Tedesco, PH.d


Joseph Tedesco’s career has been in the field of biological chemistry. Before working with ResDev, he was often contracted as a scientist advisor to CRA (then known as Revenue Canada). There, he performed detailed science audits of SR&ED claims from most of the major pharmaceutical companies in Canada.
These audits involved, in total, claims of over 3 billion dollars.
Over the past 12 years, he has teamed with ResDev’s financial auditors in assisting many Canadian companies with the scientific and technological descriptions of their SR&ED activities.

He has two particular areas of scientific expertise that contribute to ResDev’s ability to assess and support such SR&ED work. First, he has a doctorate in neuropharmacology, working in the lab of Philip Seeman when they pioneered in the first identification of the dopamine recptor. Additionally he has a background in biochemistry. These disciplines enable him to deeply engage with a company’s scientists on projects ranging from biochemistry to clinical trials of drugs both new and old. Second, he has done considerable research on computational approaches to drug design. This latter expertise has often been used in critiquing SR&ED projects involving software development and information technology (IT).

Dr. Tedesco is qualified to assist SR&ED claims in pharmaceutical development, biochemical research, clinical trials, cosmetics, food products and certain areas of software development.
Joe was born in Toronto Canada and is a life-long Canadian citizen. He has an abiding interest in mathematical algorithms, chemical design, bicycling and mentoring young scientists..