R&D Incentives

What’s in it for my company?

By using ResDev you have seasoned veterans of the R&D program working on your behalf.  We have been there, and we know the process.


We reduce the time spent in preparation of the claim by assisting in proper documentation of activities and expenditures at the beginning of the period


We prepare both the technical submission and finance submission – thereby reducing the time your staff has to spend on the R&D submissions;


We minimize your risk by preparing defendable claims. Activities and expenditures which cannot be supported will not be claimed


We increase the value of your claim by ensuring all activities and expenditures which do qualify under the R&D program are claimed


We educate you about the R&D program to help you understand the requirements of the program and make the process less painful by attending any HMRC audit


Train you on how to document your claim by providing tools and simple suggestions or changes to your current business practices


Staff with scientific and technical expertise are required to determine the eligibility of the work claimed. Our Science staff meets with your science staff to review the work you performed during the year  to determine if the work meets the definition of R&D as defined by HMRC.

We then prepare the technical submission on your behalf, and defend the submission during any HMRC audit

We breathe new life into your business

ResDev was incorporated in 2002. Staff is seasoned. The majority of the team is comprised of ex-CRA employees or consultants. Our team members have over 100 years of combined experience and have audited over 10,000 claims. These claims range from small CCPC’s to large multi-nationals that are the largest companies in their respective industries.